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During the 1980s and early 1990s, the problem with designer drugs was so severe that the DEA was permitted the ability to immediately, but temporarily, schedule drugs that emerged. The first time this emergency scheduling power was used was in the case of MDMA.

During the late 1990s through the early 2000s, the Internet led to a spike in designer drug sales. Designer drug marketers began referring to these drugs around this time as “research chemicals.” The idea behind this change in terminology was that if drugs were sold with the supposed intent of being used in scientific research, a seller could avoid the kinds of legal repercussions that are associated with the sale of drugs with the intent of human consumption.


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A massive DEA operation in 2004 helped to shut down many online designer drug/research chemical manufacturers. Many of the drugs that were sold during this time were psychoactive hallucinogens. In fact, 2C-B, a psychedelic drug, was one of the most popular designer drugs sold during this time. Other types of research chemicals that were sold during this time were anabolic steroids.

These drugs were often sold in a powder form to continue the ruse of being sold for scientific research exclusively. Users who purchased these bulk powders used them safely if they carefully weighed the powders before putting them into capsules. However, many users did not practice this precaution, and many people became sick or even died during this time because of accidental research chemical overdose.

These designer drugs were produced and sold online more quickly than drug-testing technology could advance. This led to undocumented steroid use among athletes that was difficult to detect or punish.

Until recently, the main types of designer drugs sold were anabolic steroids, psychedelic drugs, or opioids. However, in recent years other types of research chemicals have emerged. Some of the research chemicals that debuted include:

  • Stimulants: geranamine, desoxypipradrol, mephedrone and MDPV
  • Sedatives: premazepam and methylmethaqualone
  • Viagra copycats
  • Tanning drugs
  • Cannabinoids: JWH-018 and CP 47,497

Some of the more recent cannabinoids discovered also referred to as “synthetic marijuana,” have not been produced by scientists in a lab. Rather, they appear to be the invention of designer drug dealers themselves. Some of these compounds include AB-001, RCS-8, and RCS-4.

Synthetic marijuana has received a good deal of recent media attention for its inherent danger. In fact, several deaths have been associated with its use. Perhaps one of the biggest mistakes users of synthetic marijuana appears to be making is the assumption that designer drug cannabinoids carry them as the little potential for harm as actual marijuana. In many cases, this appears to be untrue, but synthetic marijuana is sold by dealers as an alternative to marijuana nonetheless, despite the vast differences in chemical structure between the two. Teenagers and young adults appear to be at significant risk for using synthetic marijuana and suffering the consequences of it.

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